Artist Bios

Kimber Grobman

KimberKimber was born and raised in New York. right out of high school she accepted a writing scholarship to Long Island University: Southampton College. After two years at LIU, Kimber decided she was better suited as an artist and transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design. In 2004 she graduated from RISD with a BFA in Illustration.

After graduation Kimber got a job at Hasbro, Inc. where she painted prototype toys. In 2008, Kimber decided to try something new and moved across the country to California. When she arrived, she was quickly cast on an episode of LA Ink, where she got a tattoo that she designed to symbolize her journey thus far.

After four short months Kimber landed an internship as an Illustrator on her favorite show, Robot Chicken. With only a month of internship under her belt, Kimber was offered at part time position as the graphic artist on Season 4 of Robot Chicken, which won an Emmy for that season.

Currently Kimber resides in North Hollywood, with her puppy Gauge.

For more information on Kimber, visit her website.